General the siamese cat with brilliant blue eyes being pampered.

At Jeff & Dominique’s

This is virtually an encapsulated documentation of my winter stay in Minnesota. Dominique was amazingly kind to lend me her winter wear; like these gloves I’d worn throughout my foray into the snow, and the warm green jacket I’d shrug out of for the duration in which I’d preen in front of the camera for outfit photos and such.

Outfit photo: Thrifted red vest, Uniqlo cream cashmere sweater, gifted River Island panda hooded scarf.

Outfit of the day: Thrifted red vest, Dollhouse grey hooded jacket, borrowed Gap jeans.

Outfit photo: Thrifted red vest, Uniqlo cream cashmere sweater, borrowed Gap jeans.I made an offhanded remark about not owning a proper pair of jeans one day. The next thing I knew, I was handed two pairs that Dominique owned. Wow! I haven’t gone basic in years.

On another note, their house is the dream of geeks. This is the first thing you see when you enter their house, at the end of the hallway:

Jeff's wall of movie and tv series DVDs.Their fantastic collection of movies and television series. The room which lies behind is a paradise; books fill up an entire wall, while a massive fortune’s worth of table-top gaming fill up the opposite side.

General the Siamese cat hogging the tv.And then there is a small chest in the corner of the living room filled to the brim with various gaming consoles and game cartridges, right next to an open shelf of PS3 games. Truly breathtaking. Also, say hello to General, their beautiful (and very dangerous) Siamese cat.

General the siamese cat with brilliant blue eyes being pampered.Here’s General being pampered just the way he likes it.

Banana the tabby cat lounging on a white faux fur throw.Banana, their tabby cat, who’s a lot more reserved; apparently also a frequent victim of General’s bullying. Poor Banana. :(

General the Siamese cat snuggled on his teddy bear bed.General getting all snuggly on this super cute teddy bear bed.

And then there was one of the best homemade desserts I’ve tasted in my life. I love lots of homemade baked food, but Jeff’s slab of brownies is easily at the top of my list. There’s something about biting into a piping hot crispy crust and being rewarded with a soft inner sanctuary of orgasmic taste explosion. Behold:

Jeff's amazing slab of chocolate-chip brownies.AND IT’S BLOCKS OF THESE. I couldn’t get enough of these; Jeff even remade them just for me after I fell in love with them the first time he made them when they introduced me to Utena (from their DVD collection, of course). XD


Uniqlo cashmere sweater
Thrifted red vest
River Island panda hood scarf (gifted)
Gap jeans (borrowed)
Dollhouse jacket
Fila boots

Photos assisted by Ottie.


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