Wefie with Kooling at Artbox Singapore 2018.

Artbox Singapore 2018

After our morning at the ArtScience Museum, Kooling and I spent the second half of our date at Artbox Singapore! It was the first time that both of us had attended this event, even though this year was its second year. What’s funny was that we’d dropped by half an hour before it was supposed to open its doors at 3pm, and initially laughed at the number of winding barriers at the entrance, as if it was going to be super crowded on a Friday afternoon…

Artbox Singapore 2018.

Guess what, it was crowded even at 3pm, and then unbearably crowded when people got off work at 6pm. We were so lucky to have had a free Friday to visit! All but two of the photos were taken with Kooling’s phone, as mine had drained from taking so many photos at the museum earlier in the day:

Artbox Singapore 2018.

Hype & Co. chilli crab pasta, Thai iced milk tea with ice cream float at Artbox Singapore 2018.I got a Chilli Crab Pasta from Hyde & Co. and Kooling got a Thai Milk Tea with an ice cream float, which also came with a cute little flamingo straw from The Food Peeps!

Thai iced milk tea at Artbox Singapore 2018.My own Thai Milk Tea from Waan Cha, and Kooling’s Twisted Potato Skewer dipped in Nacho Cheese from Take a Bite. Can I just say that I was very taken with the pastel bins that were used as tables in this event!

Kombi Rocks vintage car photobooth at Artbox Singapore 2018.We got snaps at Kombi Rocks in a vintage car!

Cute animal planters at Tumbleweed Plants SG at Kombi Rocks vintage car photobooth at Artbox Singapore 2018.These little animal planters from Tumbleweed Plants were the cutest.

Succulent from Rabbit Island at Artbox Singapore 2018.I also got myself a cute little succulent for the house from Rabbit Island!

MOX booth and illustration board at Artbox Singapore 2018.

Illustration board at MOX at Artbox Singapore 2018.We were pretty tired after walking about for more than two hours, but Kooling was still game to draw on this interesting board at the MOX booth! I drew a buddha with a third eye in the span of time that it took Kooling to draw a one-eyed dame, starry face, and a kitty.

Wefie with Kooling at Artbox Singapore 2018.Gratuitous pictures of ours faces were taken.

Wefie with Kooling at Artbox Singapore 2018.Flamingos! Kooling was definitely dressed on point.

Of course I had to take some outfit photos here. Kooling and I had a pink theme going on for our outfits!

Outfit at Wefie with Kooling at Artbox Singapore 2018.

Outfit at Wefie with Kooling at Artbox Singapore 2018.

Phone photos ain’t so bad.

Cotton On dress
Zalora Parka
Owndays glasses
Timberland shoes
Mango bag

Photos by Kooling.

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