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This particular spot was a favourite of mine when I went to Minnesota. It was a little out of the way, situated right next to a college stadium; but I’ve come to realise just how much of a sucker I am for certain facets of nature– a grove of trees, shadows neatly lined up, leaves gently rustling overhead while the sound of people passing the ball in the distance echo across the field into this sanctuary. Pretty sounds to a city mouse.

I’ve been thinking about Singapore (missing the food), and how in awe I seem to act around anything deciduous, among others. Perhaps the novelty wears down if one is surrounded by picturesque scenes all the time… but, but, all that sprawling land! All the trees that are bare of leaves– not because someone had to trim/kill the tree because it poses a risk to pedestrians, but because of the tree’s free will! … Not that trees seem to have free will to my knowledge, but the anthropomorphizing makes my point. Kinda. Maybe.

Anyway, I got this Alfred Dunner open cardigan at the local Herberger’s promotion. What it was, was that you got a 25% coupon for every article of clothing that you donated to them, so I had a couple of coupons in my hand courtesy of my awesome hosts. Pretty clever of Herberger’s eh? So there I was, wandering around the departmental store when I caught sight of this amazingly coloured cardigan. It didn’t matter that it had neither buttons nor pockets. It didn’t matter that Alfred Dunner is targeted towards the older demographic. It didn’t even matter that it wasn’t technically a coat, nor had it gold embroidery. All it mattered was that it was the garment I’d always envisioned when listening to my favourite Andrew Llyod Webber music way back when. In essence, I’ve finally gotten my very own technicolour coat.


Uniqlo tank bra-top
Alfred Dunner knit cardigan
Forever21 satin skirt
Urban Outfitters knee socks
Dr. Martens boots
The Little Fox ‘The Runaways’ necklace

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