Angel Dreams & Tea

Yuunsama and I went to Jingna’s Angel Dreams private preview on 27 May. Everything was so pretty! The location, the works, the people, my plus one and of course, the girl in question ♥♥♥

Apparently, it’s Jingna’s last body of work before she goes into hibernation mode (I got a shock when she announced it during her speech. Noes! I hope she changes her mind), so if you get a chance, do go down and drool over pretty photographs. It’s really near orchard so food is no problem. In fact, it’s just a stone throw’s away from the old Cash Studios near Hard Rock Cafe. :D

When: 29 May to 18 June 2010
Where: Japan Creative Centre
4 Nassim Road, Singapore 258372
Tues to Sat, 10am – 6pm
(Closed on Sun & Mon)
Free Admission

Sad capture of title image is sad. Waiting for the lady in the extreme foreground to move away Just Did Not Happen and I was eager to document the exhibition on my second round. Also, quality leaves a lot to be desired because I was using a point & shoot; my clutch is no Mary Poppin’s bag to accomodate dSLRs.

I admit, my first thought after peering closely at the pretty photographs was, ‘perfect 45 degree angle bevel frame!’.
Foundation year truly has been traumatising.

After turning the corner, you will arrive at what I call The Jingna Memorabilia Room. Well it’s actually a room where you can see some of the Japanese influences that rub off on her works.

Love this wall. Also, my favourite photo from the event.

The reflected image in the previous photo came from the glass casing enclosing Jingna’s personal effects. Yuunsama was taking a photo of the X Japan tickets to make her fiancé envious XD

Turn another corner and you see a different kind of presentation. This time they are canvas prints.

I forgot what corner this was at. But it’s one of her latest projects. Prettyyyyyy. I should probably hit up a thesaurus now.

And then there were a few huge prints in the main hollow of the building. Very majestic, very dreamy, very never-seen-before. There are three large Sugizo prints as well (sadly no pictures on my end). I vaguely recall him being a musician, but if his awesome see-through violin isn’t a dead giveaway, I don’t know what is.

Also, there were quite a few people with huge-ass cams and even a videographer. It scared me a little and Yuunsama and I were filmed while we were peering closely at some of the photos (I think it was the Dolfie one, and I was explaining to Yuunsama about them being Siamese twins or something like that). Anyway, I am waiting with trepidation to see how we translate into 25 fps. Seeing yourself on video is always pretty unnerving.

The location.

Hovered around after the speeches, and mostly kept to ourselves while stalking the waitresses serving bite-sized food. Really yummy. Those eclairs = ♥

But after that it got a bit too late and Yuunsama and I really wanted to have dinner, so I had to start stalking Jingna to talk to her before we split. Which was quite hard to do so, because the private preview was for friends and their pluses, so she was fluttering around talking to virtually everyone XDD

We eventually made it to TWG Tea down at ION. I still have no idea what TWG stands for; the receipt doesn’t say, and all I could think of was ‘Tonight With Gurmit’ back in 1998. Does anyone even remember the nonsensical promotional ads for the talk show? ‘Two Winged Grasshopper’ and all that.

Yuunsama & her fake lashes!

The place is in the middle of the second floor of ION, surrounded by gold-framed glass walls. Pretty quaint decor, very decadent.

According to the polite waiters, the place boasts a menu of 200+ teas of various types. I was sitting with my back towards them but Yuunsama remarked on occasion that they were amused by our nonsense conversation- such as one point when we were talking about stereotypical butlers’ names. For some reason, I insisted on Yamada. But it’s supposedly Jeeves.

Salmon and what others densely packed into this dish. A tad too salty, but that’s because you were supposed to eat it with the bread, which was so hard I was half afraid of seeing my teeth stuck on the bread whenever I bit into it… Still, it was a nommilicious combination.

Yuunsama and I named the (cute & nerdy-looking) angmoh staff Stevens. It really was a coincidence that I took his photo. I was intending to capture the monstrous library of tea the restaurant has. It reminded me of Buddhist pillars where you have to roll the cylinders when you walk past it. It also made me worry about fungus in such a large collection…

This pot of Yin Zhen tea cost $17. Wow! I don’t even.

Dessert was some mango mousse with a sprinkle of nuts. Pretty yummy.

Crème brûlée ($10) for another dessert dish!

The family dining next to us had these really cute pots in what I call gold armour, and Yuunsama and I were so eager to have one of our own that we ordered a pot of Earl Grey ($10.50) just to get one too.

Pot reflection photo, and the camera responsible for the photos in this post.

The total bill came to a whooping $83. I even kept the receipt because I was so shocked at the decadence of it all. We also promised that the next time we meet, it would be at a kopitiam to compensate for this meal. I really need to save up for my impending graduation trip to Japan this July! XDD

[Edit] Here’s what I wore for the event!


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