Alice in Stripes

This was what I wore to catch Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland with Shasha, Ruru and Jo (and Sal?? Too long ago I can’t remember). What was the dress theme? The reason behind my black, white, red & stripes ensemble has eluded my mind. I remember all of us wore stripes. Were we channeling the goth-look or something?

✿ red printed singlet: gift (Bangkok)
✿ black sheer floral jacket: budinsea
✿ black cut-out skirt: bysi
✿ red elastic belt: accessorize
✿ grey striped wool leggings: amk hub
✿ orange buddhist rosary as necklace: given by mum

I saw a snail disappear into the soil in front of me XD

After that I went to Aunty Serene’s house to chill. It’d been quite some time since they’ve moved out and I’ve seen the brats, but it was really good seeing them again. In a way I kinda miss the extremely high level of noise now that they’re not living with us. Brat #2 could be heard excitedly shouting and waving at me from their house ten floors up over to where I was taking my photos.

I say that like we live really far apart… They actually moved a couple of blocks down the road and it takes me 15 minutes max to walk over. I’m just exceptionally good at being a hermit. OTL

Second-last animation deadline this coming Friday! Stresseddddddddddd.


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