Hi! I’m Ren Rong. You can call me Ren.

My parents named me after the banyan tree (ficus microcarpa), with hopes that I would grow into a strong and sturdy character. What they didn’t know was that my namesake is strong and sturdy because it is semi-parasitic…

I spend my time deliberating upon various ponderous topics – the future, death, what to wear today, and erratic bowel movements. Some of these transcend into blog posts. Others remain in the web-like obscurity of exons and introns. Most of the time in here, you can expect to find me blabbering on about nothing in particular in the form of textual and visual diarrhoea; I take a lot of unnecessary pictures of my face, and am always thankful to the human tripods that are my family and friends who indulge in my vanity hobby.

If you haven’t already deduced, I am easily amused by toilet humour, among others. After all, the best kind of humour is derived from observations of how absurd and full of shit everything – and everyone – can be.

Colours, butter on baked potatoes, and the newest Discworld novels are some of my favourite things. GNU Terry Pratchett.