12 June 2011

Yuunsama and JW have gotten hitched!!!

Here are some of my favourite photos and memories from the end of last year– rushing to escape from oncoming trains, doing balancing acts on tree trunks, awkward poses, hilarious results. Good times, that. :)

Here’s also some out-of-shoot documentation:

Yuunsama let me use her sunblock, and Paul & Joe’s shimmery Ooh!Twilight was too funny. XDD

[edit] This is my arm in case anyone was confused. :P

Taking a break after heart-stopping moments trying to avoid certain death on dilapitated train tracks.

Preparations in Yuunsama’s house:

Also, Miao!

JW used a baby wipe (doled out by yours truly, hygiene-freak extraordinaire) to play with the cat, and it caught on it. We were so amused because it looks like it’s taking the bus. XDD

I couldn’t pass up a chance to take a picture of Yuunsama’s pretty room!

I’m actually a bit more bummed than I thought I’d be about not being able to attend their ROM ceremony… :(

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3 thoughts on “12 June 2011

  1. Congratulations to Yuunsama and JW!!! XDDD
    Such an adorable couple!

    Amazing photos, Chong! Please take my photos if I ever get married. Wahahaha <33333

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