I was flattered to have received an invite out of the blue for the URBAN REVIVO media launch at Raffles City last Friday. Their new flagship store is pretty ambitious, with a wide variety of styles covering three floor spaces. Ottie was my plus one, so we decided to have dinner before heading over at 8pm, right before the fashion runway

Shopping in Chennai

Shasha and I had two free days after the wedding in Chennai. Our first free day was spent hanging out with Mr. Anthony and his family. Mr. Anthony was Shasha’s colleague back in Singapore, but his family lives in Chennai and he has the cutest daughter! She was originally very shy and quiet, but after she warmed up during lunch, we saw

Monsoon Wedding in Chennai

I had the privilege of attending a wedding in Chennai a few (read: six) months ago. Shasha’s friend Divya held a traditional Brahmin wedding ceremony there, and Shasha didn’t want to travel to India alone, so I jumped at the chance of this pilgrimage of sorts. The both of us had never attended an Indian wedding before either, so this was