The Queen’s Descent

The leaves crackle beneath her fingers muted green curled in sighs of despair against her breast she presses feels the whispered voices dim feels the beating thrum slow feels the touch of death there is so much to do she must go on until she too fades. Wearing Dresslily floral headband, blood choker, rabbit necklace (c/o) Dresslily stacked animal rings (squirrel, deer, stork) (c/o) Mango dress

Night Bloomer

Editing these photos was a nightmare. My camera generally performs decently in low-lighting, but there’s only so much you can do when the entire image is awash in orange street lights. Fortunately, shooting in RAW managed to salvage some of it, but unless I’m going for a limited colour range, I’ll have to try to avoid dilly-dallying at home before taking